Supporting Learners with Higher Needs

The SAITCity program has been carefully designed to support learners with higher needs in three ways:

Before Your Visit Activities

Youth will have access to online elearning activities and will be able to review a visual agenda in the Before Your Visit section on the password protected side of our website.

Our Before Your Visit work takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and will familiarize students with the 30+ careers in SAITCity, the language and concepts around career exploration and our physical environment before they visit us.

Completed in advance, this work reduces the amount of content students encounter on their visit and helps them understand and focus on the greater purpose of the day — developing self-awareness and experiencing the career exploration process.

Community group leaders can help prepare participants by:

  • Familiarizing themselves with the Before Your Visit materials.
  • Engaging in the Before Your Visit work with youth in a group setting where you can lend support (if needed).
  • Explaining the greater purpose of the day.

Activity Design and SAITCity Preview

The goal of our career activities is to help youth better understand careers, discover some of the knowledge and skills used in certain careers and to make an assessment about whether careers they’ve explored fit with their current interests. The goals is not to answer every question, to perform every skill perfectly or even to complete the activity in the time allotted. Hints and answer keys are provided with all of our activities to help youth work through and complete as much of a career activity possible.

Each of our 30+ career activities can accommodate two (and sometimes three) youth at a time. Youth can also choose to work through our step-by-step activities by themselves or with one of your adult supervisors.

Our career activities do require a lot of independent/peer reading. Materials are written at a junior high level. Community youth group leaders are encouraged to book a time to visit the CEC to determine if our learning materials and environment are suitable for their youth group.

Community group leaders help participants work through activities by:

  • Informing them of the goal of the career activities and overall purpose of their visit.
  • Letting youth know their skills and abilities are not being tested.
  • Visiting the CEC in advance to review the difficulty level of our materials.

Supports for Adult Supervisors

Even if you bring a full house of 40 youth participants we can accommodate many adult supervisors (up to eight). We regard you and your supervisors as the experts in supporting youth with higher needs within your group.

When adult supervisors actively engage in their role in the CEC, more youth are supported. We have provided materials to adult supervisors and volunteers ahead of time in the Before Your Visit and Community Forms sections of our website (password protected area). These materials will inform supervisors of their role and the tasks they are to perform during the day to support youth and support positive youth behaviours.

Community group leaders can support adult supervisors’ capacity to help youth by:

  • Providing them with our Adult Supporter letter and our Roles and Responsibilities checklist and by having them watch the SAITCity Roles and Responsibilities video. All of these items can be found in the password protected section of our website.
  • Ensuring adult supervisors are actively performing their duties during the visit.