Post Secondary Education Today

As a parent, you know that graduating from high school is just the beginning of your teen’s path to a successful career. Post-secondary study in their chosen field is a necessity in today’s job market.

Many parents and students will begin by researching degree programs at universities. However, you might be interested to know that SAIT offers five different accreditation options, including Bachelor Degrees, that may open up new career possibilities for your teen.

The SAITCity program is a resource that will help your teen determine their post-secondary path, whether it leads to a degree, an applied degree, a journey ticket, a diploma or a certificate from SAIT or elsewhere. The most important benefit of the SAITCity program is that your teen can pinpoint their interests and make a conscious connection between what they like to do and a career that aligns with those interests. SAITCity gives your teen a great head start in career planning regardless of where they choose to continue their post-secondary education.

High school and post-secondary has changed in the past decade and the lines between a polytechnic and a university education are becoming increasingly open. For example, students can transfer college and polytechnic credits to a university to complete a degree there (2+2 program). In addition, SAIT offers the following options:

Diploma Programs: SAIT offers 43 full-time diplomas, which are programs approved by Alberta Advanced Education and can usually be completed within two years.

Certificate Programs: SAIT offers full-time certificates which are programs approved by Alberta Advanced Education and can be completed within one year or less of study.

Bachelor Degrees: Four year programs in Bachelor of Business Administration (6 majors to choose from) and Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management.

Applied Degrees: SAIT offers three full-time applied degrees which are two-year programs approved by Alberta Advanced Education. Completion of a recognized two-year diploma from a post-secondary institution is required prior to gaining admission into these programs (2+2 program).

Apprenticeship Training: To become a Journeyperson students must first find an employer willing to take them on as an apprentice. Secondly, students must register with Alberta Apprentice and Industry Training and then work a set number of hours. They will also be required to take technical training and pass a series of exams. At the end of their apprenticeship they will write an Alberta Journeyperson Certificate exam to become a certified Journeyperson.