What if it were possible to step into your own virtual reality future? Would you like to find out what it’s like to spend a day as an architectural technologist, a software developer, a graphic designer or an accountant? Are you curious about careers and how to find out which ones might match your interests?

The Career Exploration Centre (CEC)  is a fun, interactive environment where you can get hands-on experience with a variety of careers located on the SAIT campus. The CEC features our SAITCity program.

We created the SAITCity program because after many years of working with students we know that the more closely your interests fit with a career, the happier you’ll be when studying for it and working in that field.

Our SAITCity program can help you:

  • Find a whole bunch of pretty cool careers that you might never have heard of, that are in demand and that fit with your interests.
  • Discover new interests and use them to explore different career paths.
  • Get a head start with some high school CTS credit courses that start in Grade 10.
  • Continue to investigate careers after your visit to SAITCity.

Your teacher can apply for a class session. If your class is accepted, your teacher will direct you to some easy online activities to make the most of your experience. When you complete all the activities, you’ll be ready to identify some SAITCity careers you’d like to explore before you arrive. (Tip! The activities work best if followed in order.)