What if my school needs to reach me or one of my students during the session?

In the event that a school needs to get in touch with a teacher or student while they are at SAIT, a teacher should provide their personal cell number to the school. The school can also contact the Career Exploration Centre at 403.774.5243 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Will we be able to take photos or videos at the session?

Teachers may take pictures of students engaging in activities only if your school board or district policy permits it and parents have provided your board/district with audiovisual consent.

Teachers are not permitted to take recordings of activity materials.

For privacy reasons, students may not take photos and video while participating in the session. Photos or videos taken during an activity are automatically deleted on all tablets after every school visit.

What do we need to bring?

While the majority of learning materials will be provided, students should bring a pencil or pen and headphones or earbuds (standard jack, not USB.) For hygienic reasons, the CEC is unable to provide headphones.

Students should bring their own prepared lunch and a refillable water bottle as there is only a half-hour break at this busy time on campus.

What NOT to bring.

Students should not bring dangerous objects, weapons or any valuables with them. SAIT is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items. Students will not be allowed to use their phones or personal digital devices while in the CEC.

Will lunch be provided?

Lunch is not provided. See What do we need to bring?

Are there any potential risks or discomforts as a result of participating in a session?

Risks associated with participation in a session are minimal. Student activities are similar to those experienced in regular junior high classes, including, but not limited to, science, physical education and options and complementary courses. Activities that have a higher degree of risk will be offered via simulations or modified to eliminate the safety risk (e.g., students will not cut wood, but will assemble pre-cut pieces of wood). SAIT is a COR certified institution.

To minimize any risk associated with activities:

  • Career Exploration Centre staff will be present during the session. The classroom teacher and the required number of supervisors (as per School Board requirements) will also be present.
  • Students will be provided with an orientation at the beginning of the session to address rules for safety and behaviour during the program.
  • Oral and written safety instructions for specific activities will be provided as needed.

To minimize issues associated with transportation:

  • Teachers must provide their cell phone number on the Career Exploration Centre application form so that we can communicate if an issue arises.
  • Print a copy of the SAIT campus map with the CEC location indicated.

Who should accompany the students? What are your supervision requirements?

Each class must be accompanied by at least one teacher and meet the minimum supervision ratios of their board. A higher supervision ratio is recommended for higher needs classes. Parents and additional supervisors are welcome.

Teachers and supervisors must supervise students at all times while they are on the SAIT campus, including the times students spend in the CEC.

How will I transport my class to SAIT campus? What are the drop off and pick up times?

Teachers are responsible for arranging for transportation to the SAIT campus.

Schools who require funding assistance for transportation must indicate this on their application form. SAIT will prioritize transportation funding based on financial need. We have the funding to pay for approximately 90 school visits

The reimbursement process will be communicated to you in an email after your confirmed acceptance into a session.

Where and when should the bus drop us off and pick us up? How do we get to the CEC?

Drop off and pick up on SAIT campus will be in the west loop roundabout (off 14th Street NW, down General Motors Drive onto Boyce Crescent). See our map.

The CEC SAITCity program is 4.5 hours long. We can start the program as early as 8:30 am and end as late as 3:30pm. On your application, please specify your drop off and pick up times and ensure they are 4.5 hours apart.

A member of the Career Exploration Centre team will meet the bus at the roundabout and walk with your class to the SAITCity location.

Sessions will be held on the SAIT campus in the Career Exploration Centre located on the third floor of the Johnson Cobbe building (KA 306 and KA 301/311).

How do I sign up?

Due to high interest in the CEC, we have an application process in place. Please visit the Teacher Section on the CEC website for more details.

The CEC SAITCity program is 4.5 hours long. We can start the program as early as 8:30 am and end as late as 3:30pm. Please ensure your bus drop off and pick up times are 4.5 hours apart and specify these times on your application forms.

What will teachers be asked to do for the SAITCity session?

Please see Teacher Involvement.

How can I access the Career Profile sheets that were available in the Career Exploration Centre?

Login to the password protected area of our website.

The profile sheets are found on the main page of the After Your Visit section.

I’ve forgotten my class ID and password. What do I do?

Forgot your user name or password? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for help.