A Day in our SAITCity Program


The Career Exploration Centre is not just a place, it’s an experience. Our SAITCity program helps youth discover more about careers and themselves to see what fits, what sparks a passion and what fires their curiosity.

The career exploration journey begins in your classroom or community space.

Once your visit to SAITCity is confirmed, students/youth will engage in online elearning activities and review the agenda in the “Before Your Visit” section on the password protected side of the website. This work takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and will familiarize participants with the 30+ careers in SAITCity, the language and concepts around career exploration, and ultimately support greater learning and engagement during their visit.

Students/youth receive a brief “employee” orientation at SAITCity and then dive into immersive industry and career exploration experiences.

Theywill have the opportunity to explore up to three hands-on simulated career tasks, chosen from the 30+ career options they reviewed in advance. They will engage in written self-reflection to identify and link interests to careers after each exploration experience. For their 30-minute lunch break, participants will sit among SAIT students and absorb the rhythm of campus life.

Before their departure from SAITCity, students/youth will reflect on and respond to their experience of the day.

They will have a chance to personalize their career portfolios, ask questions, provide feedback, obtain information about careers and learn about next steps along their career exploration journey

After their visit, participants can continue their career exploration journey using the resources and activities on our website.

They can investigate and discover more about industries, careers and their interests by using the resources in the "Youth" section on the public facing side of our website. On the password protected side of our website, they can engage in activities and access career profiles in the "After Your Visit" section. Classes/groups will have access to the password protected side of our website until June 30.

Teachers and community group leaders are active participants in SAITCity before, during and after their visit.

  • SAITCity for Teachers

  • SAITCity for Community Group Leaders (forthcoming)